Born in 1964. Basic knowledge and skills of painting obtained at art college. Also self-taught through years of creative and personal development.

Along with fine style painting and with a touch of humor and irony,the artist creates his works exclusively with positive energy.

Some art critics would probably determinate this style as eccentricity at the junction of post-modernism, late naivety, and hyperrealism with absurd elements.

Since 1998, Alexander Lyamkin has been residing and working in Moscow. By now he has created over hundred of artworks including drawing and paintig. Participated in many Moscow art exhibitions; 'Geizery Podsoznaniya 3' at Solyanka art gallery, 'Geizery Podsoznaniya 5' at Vinzavod art gallery,in international art exhibition 'In-Yan' at State's Central Museum 'Contemporary Russian History' and others. Alexander's works, highly prized by collectors, are held in personal and corporate collections around the world.

                                      international art exhibition "In-Yan"

About myself

Most of my inspiration I have obtained from my childhood as everyone. As I remember I first began drawing in my early years and always loved that. It was my early attempts to explain my impressions. Childish search for harmony. Although we can hardly understand that in those days For the first time I focused mostly on watercolour painting!

In times of my youth the world had changed. It was totally Kingdom of guitars,drums,and ... motobikes! Loud chords, dreams, girls, dreadful broken engines, fantastic novels. Later on, along with getting enough of a life experience I finally came to oil paintings.

My passion for music and drums still exists till this day...I make my intuitive decisions in creating my artworks. New worlds are triggered by your imagination as well. I mean something is not directly expressed sometimes. Because not everything is perfectly convied through logic symbols or pictures.The door leading to my world is opened with the key of your imagination.In fact, it is the important part for understanding of art. Most of art is the hidden power of the subconscious.

Well, let me try to be clever with another word or two...Seems I did forget what I wanted to say. And what a pity - will never recall what I have forgotten. What that was??...(kidding)))


Welcome to another world. It's a crime not to dream. No negative stuff. I try to create such works which I would keep hope for myself. It is so easy to let folks down and so harder to give'em joy! With the art of mine I would love to help people live and I would love to make people smile.